Books, books, books

Recently we’ve been reading a lot and sharing what we’ve discovered.

This got us thinking, what are you reading at the moment?

And if you love what you’re reading let us know why and we will add it to our list.

“Reading is escape, and the opposite of escape”
Nora Ephron


Neets, Carol & Neena
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Your journey in 2018

  • What do you want to see and experience along the way?
  • Who is travelling with you?
  • What are you really looking forward to?
  • How do you want to feel?

I have decided wherever my road takes me, the journey is going to be an easy one. Easy is my word for 2018.

After all it’s easy if I think it is.

Coach, Communicator & Collaborator
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A question…

What are you buying yourself for Christmas?

Gifts are a sign of love, affection and thoughtfulness and we shop with everyone else in mind.

So what about us?

Our fun idea – add your name to your Christmas present list and think about what you would like, buy it, wrap it and put it under the tree and enjoy on Christmas day – after all you’re just as important as everyone else in your life.

Have a fantastic Christmas and see you online in 2018.

We’re off to the shops!

Neets, Carol & Neena
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Make time to listen

This week I’m recommending a wonderful book I’ve been reading by Nancy Kline called Time to Think in which she talks about the importance of creating a thinking environment because ‘the quality of our attention determines the quality of other people’s thinking.’ It’s powerful and reminds me what a super skill listening is.

As a coach and trainer I’m often told I’m a great listener. And, yes it’s true I am pretty good at it, but reading the book I have become aware how often I forget to listen when I’m hanging out with my friends and family. Many times I catch myself falling short – like when I realise I’m multi-tasking on the phone to my friend, diving in with my advice on her problem or interrupting my husband to share my story about the time that thing he’s describing happened to me too.

This results in a situation where they tell me that ‘no you don’t understand’ or ‘I just need you to listen’ and they’re right – I feel the same way too on receiving unwanted advice. These are the people I care about the most and I want to give them the respect and space they deserve by really listening.

Do you catch yourself listening to answer or add your comments too?

I have noticed that when I let go of the impulse to jump in and talk, conversations are more relaxed. I’m learning fascinating new things about people just by being present and paying attention. They feel heard, sometimes that’s all that was needed and often they find their own answer in the process.

When was the last time you really listened to someone when they were speaking? Challenge yourself to listen to their story, listen to their emotions and really hear them. Be prepared to be surprised.


Carol Conway CPCC
Coach & Collaborator
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A guide to mental ill-health at work

I came across this guide earlier today.

It’s a very practical and pragmatic guide to creating mentally healthy workplaces.

On reading this guide I was shocked by this statistic…

“One in six people experience the symptoms of a mental health problem in any given week in England”

The Mental Health Foundation website lots of resources available, please use them to raise awareness and make a difference to people you work with.


Neena Speding
Chartered MCIPD, BSc (Hons) HRM, PGCE
Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader & Collaborator
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Is there only one way?

We all have regular habits and ways of doing things.

Whether it’s the way you brush your teeth, the route you take to work or how you plan a project.

Today we’ve been discussing the benefits of more than one way?

Think about it, you have something you want to achieve or get done, there’s your way – the way you normally do it and then there’s my way and how I normally do it – it’s more than likely that both will be different. And yet both will achieve the result you want.

So, is there really only one way?


Coach, Communicator & Collaborator
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