Sarah Lang

Professional Coach

Me in eight words:
Creator I Adventurer I Curious I Dream Chaser I Miracle Maker I Empath I Family I Feminist

Career so far…
As a coach, I help people move through transitions and live with more intention and joy in their lives – and ultimately chase (and catch!) their dreams.

I have always been guided by an adventurous spirit. It has taken me to Tokyo, where I worked for three years as a teacher; Hong Kong, where I studied world religions; Vietnam, to research HIV prevention for my graduate degree; and across the Caribbean and Mexico, where I organized luxury destination events. Today, I am based in Toronto, Canada, and I still love world adventures and am currently planning trips to Europe and Australia – with two small kids in tow.

Before launching my coaching practice, I channeled my passion to make a difference at Canada’s top charities – Habitat for Humanity and United Way.  I oversaw massive fundraising projects and events, working alongside thousands of volunteers from all sectors and levels of business. I was struck by the commonalities between us all: a desire to do good work and to find new, meaningful ways of expressing who we are. This same quest – for personal meaning and a commitment to make a difference in the world – is also at the core of the coaching I do today.  

I am at ease in a boardroom or on a build site, at home or overseas. But I am always at my best when I am connecting authentically with others, creating meaningful change and bringing some more hope to the world.

I live with my husband, Adam, and our two kids, Josephine and Oliver. Being a devoted parent and hard-working entrepreneur both challenges and inspires the best of me every day. I value creativity and friendship and actively seek out opportunities to keep life fun and fulfilling.

I am a professional certified CTI coach (Coaching Training Institute), a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach (CPCC) and member of the International Coaches Federation (ICF).

I am also a Reiki Master with over a decade of experience in meditation, mindfulness and other energetic and healing modalities.

I have an undergraduate degree in World Religions from McGill University, a graduate degree from the Munk Centre for International Studies at the University of Toronto.

You can find out more about me and my coaching practice at