Judy Claughton

Meditation Coach
& Communications Consultant

Me in eight words:
Communicator | Catalyst | Meditator | Mentor | Honest | Playful | Facilitator | Glue

“Mindfulness meditation helped me avoid burn out in a high stress PR career, it is like a friend you can call on at any time to help you find some breathing space and refocus.

My passion is sharing these tools in a range of accessible, playful yet impactful ways, so learning to relax and use stress positively becomes essential to enable you to thrive in the face of a range of life’s challenges.”

Career so far
I balance work as a communications consultant with the therapeutic teaching of meditation.  This is a wonderful way for me to keep in tune with the ‘normal’ pressures of everyday life and apply my own meditation practices to help with greater harmony. I am not a zen master of inner-peace, but prefer to think of myself as a constant student of life’s meditation magic that aims to share my learnings to help you find ways to overcome obstacles in your path with a positive calm state of mind

As a Communications and Events consultant, team building and Mindfulness Meditation Trainer with over 15 years’ experience including formal certifications in marketing, PR, and mindfulness meditation, I combine mindfulness meditation tools with practical applications to trigger creativity, boost focus and as an aid to reduce stress.

Originally trained as a Civil Engineer (yes bridges not computers), I retrained in PR and marketing communications early in my career – initially focusing on technical PR but soon branching into my passion for health, wellbeing, education and the environment. I became a freelance consultant ten years ago to develop my interest in using meditation and communication for positive change.

I’m open, honest and playful; balancing this with a professional and calm approach.  As such many clients find one-to-one meditation mentoring a powerful personal way to build a positive habit into your life and work.

I’m a dreamer who ‘does’ – flourishing in the face of a deadline to make ‘it’ happen where the ‘it’ is what you need for your success. I love being the glue and catalyst in many situations to help trigger positive change for individuals, businesses and to make a genuine difference in the world.

I am passionate about people, food – but especially picnics – and the fragile and beautiful world around us. I love exploring the world on our doorstep as much as breath-taking destinations around the globe. Equally happy on my meditation mat in the garden, with a good book or swimming in the sea as delivering training and meditation. I am an optimist with a can-do attitude.

Knowing that

The clarity of this moment makes me truly alive and open to all possibilities in this world and the next.”

You can find out more about my meditation tools at www.balancetime.co.uk