Fiona Sarno

HK Practitioner &
Creator for Change & Improvement

Me in eight words:
Curious I Quirky I Honest I Spirit I Creative I Loving I Introvert I Energetic

Career so far
My corporate experience has mainly been within the travel, data and software industries with some little sojourns to car sales, virtual reality and event management. Currently working through the finance world to understand more about people and their day to day.

My core expertise is been bringing various groups together through client and project management to work through ideas/problems and get a path forward with discernible steps and results.

I have worked with some very well known brands and small independents, it has been a great way to express my skills in communication and collaboration.

I have had a book worthy life (haven’t we all!) and dealt with many challenges and health issues head on.

I am a qualified practitioner of Holographic Kinetics (HK) based on Aboriginal dreamtime healing. It has brought me great release in letting go of all that I hung on to and peace of mind. I love being the catalyst in helping other people doing the same.

In the past  I’ve tried lots of other therapies and tools all which pale in to nothing compared to HK.

Being creative I have 100s of ideas and rarely follow many up so people that ground me, surround me!

I love animals, nature, music, growing plants, communicating with the world and travelling. I do have a weak spot for cars which I am working on and  in recent months am being more vocal about my veganism.

I am now at a point of staying in my moment and really observing this magnificent 3D world. My journey has only just begun and the process of learning is always exciting and challenging.

I am all about FUN and LOVE!

Qualified Holographic Kinetics Practitioner.

If you’re curious about Holographic Kinetics or would like to book a session you can email me and let your journey begin.