Here’s what people had to say after attending one of our workshops.

‘The self-help groups of all self-help groups.
Inspiring, moving, motivating and all delivered in the best way.
All credit to Anita & Carol thank you.
Thoroughly recommend to everyone!’

‘I attended this workshop with the hope that it would help me understand what I needed to do about an important matter.
Wow it did just that!
The exercises we did during the workshop actually created my action plan.
It was a very safe environment for sharing thoughts and it also enriched my thinking.
Within five days of leaving the workshop two of my three actions have been completed! Amazing, considering I have spent the last seven months deliberating & procrastinating.
I highly recommend attending the workshop as you will leave it knowing
what you need to do next!’

‘I have been to other workshops like this but what makes this different is the energy, experience and empathy that Carol & Anita bring to it, as well as the focus on actions that you can take straightaway to help you achieve your goals. It was also fun.’

‘Accidental Progress was an eye-opener.
It gave me time to think about issues that I had ‘stored away’ and
how I would deal with them.
The tools introduced were great, so diverse and exciting.
Anita & Carol were great and full of energy and enthusiasm.’

‘Helpful course – packed with techniques, theories and practical exercises.
Learned lots about myself and how to move forward.
Highly recommended.’

‘I came with no expectations and thought I’d probably leave with something to think about – what I’m actually leaving with is the formula to change my life!
Thank you.’

‘An interesting day, what I thought was important to me right now
didn’t even get a mention!
Going away with practical steps to reach my goal.