The secret to starting your goals

When it comes to going after what you want, do you stand in your own way?

Maybe you convince yourself the timing isn’t right. Maybe you worry about what others might think or say. Or maybe you’re in the habit of following your secondary goals – you know what I’m talking about: that low-hanging fruit that gives you quick satisfaction, but won’t ever really bring you true fulfillment.

Fear of shaking up the status quo is fear of the unknown and it’s very powerful.  And that power can easily keep you stuck in your comfort zone.

The truth is, if you want new results in your life, you’ll absolutely need to take new actions to get you there.

What it means to do something new
The very nature of new is… well, new.

“New” means something you’re not used to yet. Something you won’t be able to do quickly or smoothly. “New” means you might stutter when you’re talking about it. You might be embarrassed that other people in the arena are less new than you are – that they’re faster, smoother, and able to talk with ease.

As a coach, I help people start new things all the time.

I’m familiar with the rush of anxiety that follows the initial excitement of making plans.

With the resistance to act once it’s time to actually take action.

I’m familiar with the voice that says: “I don’t know how to start,” “I’m too tired to start,” or “I’m too busy to start.” Or my favourite:  “This was all a ridiculous idea – what was I thinking? I change my mind and I’m not starting.”

This is the sound of your brain coming up with all the excuses to stay put. To stay where you are. To remain in the status quo.

It’s normal. I get it. But remember that that voice isn’t gospel.

Take (many) imperfect steps
It’s time to let go of the belief that you or your ideas need to be “perfect” before you take a chance on yourself. While you might think perfectionism is driving your idea forward, it’s actually a huge detriment. Perfectionism will hold you back, keep your ideas hidden and convince you you’re not ready. Perfectionism will tell you to stall on your goals.

The only way you’ll have a second draft, or third, fourth, or tenth, is by starting with your (definitely imperfect) first version.

My clients have launched projects, established new hustles, pivoted into new roles and sectors, by way of taking consistent, imperfect action. I’ve been there and it’s hard. I changed careers at 38 years old. The road here isn’t paved with gold. It’d been imperfect but worth it.

Contribute to the conversation
Our culture loves to put people on pedestals and label them “experts,” “gurus” and “influencers”.  Although these people may offer something valuable, idolizing “experts” too much can leave you in their shadow, feed your Imposter Voice and make you question your own knowledge and opinion.

Step out and shine your light. You don’t have to be Oprah to recommend a book.

Raise your hand. You don’t have to have decades of experience to offer your opinion.

Speak up. Let the room and the world know what you think.

Please, don’t wait for permission or the “perfect” platform or opportunity to share your ideas. It may never come in the way you’re holding out for.

You have every right to contribute right now.

Collect your wins
Taking small steps outside your comfort zone on a regular basis will compound into big wins.

New doors will open. You’ll quickly build up confidence in yourself and your ability to stretch, grow and move through discomfort.  You’ll enjoy feeling proud of yourself.

Ready, Set, Go!
If you have a big goal or idea that you want to bring to life – and fast, find out more about my Ready, Set, Go! group coaching program here.


Sarah Lang
Professional Coach