Thinking of getting a coach?


It was 2004 when I first worked with a coach. I’m proud to say my coach at that time was Gabriella Goddard (the founder of

I still remember how I felt at every session, one-hour to focus on me and what I wanted to discuss – it was a breather from my corporate life! The sessions helped me to make sense of my scrambled brain and life, and I realised over time that it wasn’t that scrambled at all.

Gabriella had my back and that felt safe and comforting. It allowed me to open up, really get clear, find out new things about myself and actually get stuff done. She kept me on track and moving forward.

I was so impressed with my coaching and the results I achieved that years later I decided to train as a Co-Active Coach®

From my own personal perspective here are three benefits of having a coach.

  1. Space & Time
    Got too much going on?
    A coach creates a safe space for you to explore what’s really important to you. They help you to find your way through all the noise, to-do lists and feelings of overwhelm – they help you get clarity.
  2. Self Awareness
    Do you know how others see you or how you see yourself?
    A coach works with you to raise your self-awareness by seeing the real you. To understand the resources and strengths you have and how to use them when you need to!
  3. Action
    Do you talk about doing things, then never get around to doing them?
    A coach holds you accountable. They keep you focused on what you want to achieve – they help you get results.

If you’re thinking of getting a coach you may want to do this first.

Write down what you want help with and more importantly WHY?

That is a great place to start a conversation about coaching and finding the right coach for you.

Coach, Communicator & Collaborator