Will your career change ever happen?

Midway through your quest for a new career, you’ve lost heart, run out of ideas and energy, and completely lost your way. How can you regain your direction, self-belief and ingenuity in creating your ideal working life?

I know only too well that it can certainly be a long and twisty road to achieve career fulfillment. When I launched Freestyle Careers it took me around two years to make the leap.

These are the 10 distinct steps I had to take in the process:

  • Realize I wasn’t happy in the work I was doing
  • Work out why that was – what was wrong and what was PUSHING me away?
  • What was I really seeking? What factors were PULLING me?
  • Dream up a few options – researching roles, organisations, different ways of working, locations
  • Talk to people in my target options
  • Choose one (this was HUGE!!)
  • Research additional qualifications, skills, knowledge that would enable me to succeed
  • Get active with training courses, self-study online, access business advice, build web site, understand and evolve my branding, develop offers, design marketing strategy, employ accountant, create processes, and, and, and…
  • Consult my inner wisdom, my rational brain, my heart, my friends, family, colleagues. Use up two full flip-charts.
  • Jump from my last role to this one – in two clear leaps!

These are some of the components – not in this order though – that I use in my Quickstep Career Change Programme.

I’ve found that focusing first on CLARITY (who you are and what you want and can offer) then exploring widely before choosing and validating your new DIRECTION leads to greater motivation and confidence in the strategic ACTION stage.

When uncertainty is part of the process, it’s good to know the process itself is robust, logical and flexible!

Where are you in all this?
I’m guessing that you’re somewhere along this journey – researching, validating, learning, reflecting, discussing, questioning, feeling excited, deflated, encouraged. This could last a life time!

And at any point along the way, it’s so easy to lose heart, feel discouraged, mislay self-belief, talk to someone who throws a spanner in the works, bounce back, re-position, hit a brick wall, find JUST the information you need and bounce back… sound familiar?

It’s all very fresh in my mind believe me. And because career change has been my business for some time, I’ve delved pretty deep into how change happens, what needs to be considered when making a well-informed choice, what holds you back, trips you up, blocks your way – and what ultimately helps you to succeed and find career nirvana.

So, for those brick-wall times, I’ve developed a resource to help you tunnel through, under, circumvent or leap over whichever barrier you find yourself up against. Based on career change research, my own experiences and what has worked with my own career change clients, I’ve created this guide to tackle head on the 6 most common factors that keep you stuck when you’re trying to change direction.

The Top 6 Blockers
1. Stuck in over-analysis mode
2. Clinging to your last career
3. Your goal isn’t clear or charismatic enough
4. Fears and doubts, doubts and fears
5. Don’t know what you need for fulfillment
6. No energy, run out of ideas and willpower – the tank is empty.

Which one sounds like your big hurdle right now? Perhaps you’ve experienced them all? Let me know in the comments!

In this free guide, I explain what each block involves and offer:
– 20 solutions to get you back on track
– 21 resources to help you get into action and regain your self-belief.

Ready to fall in love with your career change again?

Download your key to purposeful action here 6 Inspiring ways to re-vitalize your Career Change.


Becky Kilsby
Career Change Coach & Life Designer