A simple lesson

What would you do if you had seven hours in a car alone?

Having done this today I can answer this…you think a lot.

It all started like this.

Last week I was offered the chance to attend a workshop in London today. In Norfolk at the time my first thought was “I will go to London the night before to make sure I get to the workshop”. And then within a few minutes what I call my ‘time gremlin’ (the little voice in my head that tries to maximise my time) kicked in and my thoughts went something like this…

“Well the event starts at 1pm and I need to get there a little before hand so I could leave Norfolk at 9am and make it in time”.

“In fact as it’s my volunteer week at Breathing Space, Norfolk it’s best that I don’t leave before Wednesday to honour my commitment”.

“It makes sense to go to London on the way home as I will be going in that direction anyway”.

“I could park at St Albans and get the train in or if I have enough time I could park at Westfield and then my car is already west of St Pancras so easier to get home”.

So this morning, fully prepared and having researched my travel options I set off, excited to meet like minded people and learn more about how to live my life on purpose. Plus a chance to see my friend and fellow coach Jo Garside and meet Mark Leruste whose podcasts I listen to all the time.

Two hours into my journey and on joining the M25 I came to a stand still. An accident had meant the motorway was closed for a couple of junctions and I was in the tail back.

I could bore you with the details of all the phone calls I made, the fact that non of my podcasts worked or that I was desperate for a loo break but I won’t.

What I will say is that I learnt a very simple lesson from my adventure today and that is I’m going to go with my first thought when presented with situations – in this case that would have meant I would have been in London last night and at the workshop today.

Do you go with your first thought in situations or like me do you have a habit of talking yourself out of your first thought?


Coach, Communicator & Collaborator