It’s true…


I’m one month in and hurrah I’ve managed not to buy any books and so far no shakes or withdrawal symptoms.

You might be wondering why the heck I’d do something like this?

Well, somehow I’ve managed to create a home library – not a room – but two full size bookcases overflowing with books that I haven’t read yet.

I’ve become a book hoarder. So this is the year I’ve decided to make a dent in my book mountain by reading the ones I have.

To help me along the way I have created some rules around ‘my year off from buying books’ mainly so that I don’t go out and have a book binge. My rules are:

  • I’m allowed to buy books with gift cards that I already have
  • I can ask for books for my birthday
  • I can borrow books from people
  • And of course I can borrow from the library

So my question to you book lovers is are any of you in a similar situation to me and have a mountain of books to read but are tempted to keep buying more?

Or am I alone?


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