Collaborative Career Conversations


With a pinch of your passion and an inch of your inspiration…

Could you help young people get an insight into a career pathway?

Introducing careers advice from an early age and establishing sustainable links with local labour markets requires collaboration and commitment from individuals, like you. National schools and colleges need your help to address the current strong rhetoric on skills gaps; ‘acute shortage of skilled workers’, ‘struggling to fill key vacancies’, ‘income inequality and social mobility’. It seems a formidable task and every contribution could help ease the load and make a real difference.

The value of workplace encounters, led by you, through what I have termed ‘Collaborative Careers Conversations’ could go a long way to connecting, mentoring and inspiring our next generation. It may stimulate entrepreneurism for some and offer others alternative pathways to seeking something diverse or unique. The outcome of your discretionary effort will have merit for at least one individual.

What I would ask you and your networks to consider is having at least one, ‘Collaborative Careers Conversation’ with a local or connected school during 2019. It could be as informal as sharing your career story, a company presentation, an interactive workshop  or any platform that can offer a lens into the world of potential careers to a young mind.

As an advocate for assisting our next generation, nurturing future talent and being a proactive member of the London Enterprise Advisor Network, I volunteer as a CIPD Enterprise Advisor at Harlington School in Hayes Middlesex; working in collaboration with the school’s leadership team to develop a careers strategy that is contributing to “building the workforce of the future”.

Could you volunteer some of your time, passion and inspiration too?

Neena Speding
Chartered MCIPD, BSc (Hons) HRM, PGCE
Emotional Intelligence Thought Leader & Collaborator
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