Three ways to choose yourself

Stop the world… I want to get off!

I used to laugh about this old saying when I was growing up. The faster the better was my motto!

But now, with my inbox overflowing, notebook weighed down by holiday to-do and to-buy lists, and the end of the year looming (how did it go so fast?)…I sometimes think I’d like to jump ship myself.

When 24/7 messages arrive at the speed of internet light and fast is getting faster, how can I focus on what really matters?

First, hit pause.

As the year draws to a close and the promise of a new start is shimmering on the horizon, I’ve collected three ideas to help you make space for your own creativity – and to tune in to what matters to you most.

Each requires quiet time away from your computer; each offers the chance to go deeper and slower so you can consciously create a life more attuned to who you really are.

1. Vision Board It
Four years ago, emerging from a period of massive geographical and personal change in my life, I needed solid ground to stand on and a source of inspiration to build a thriving future for myself.

I wanted to be creative, tap into my deepest hopes and visualise what my heart and my head both yearned for.  Creating a vision board was the perfect answer.  ‘Visioning’ places attention on what we want more of in our lives, giving us greater awareness, but also activating the ‘law of attraction’.

For me, the power of creating this very visual record of intent is in the time I give it. Taking time to collect, cut out and arrange images and words that make my heart leap, have a magnetic attraction, make me look twice, is the point. The only rule is to follow your intuition  – no ‘shoulds’ allowed.

When I look at my first vision board, created three years ago, there is still much resonance. The values expressed in the images and themes haven’t changed, even though their order of priority has.

Hang your completed vision somewhere you’ll see it every day. When you have a tough week, start to doubt yourself or your direction, stand in front of your vision board and feel yourself come home. You already have the answers.

If you’d like to receive my free Vision Board guide, just get in touch. I’d love to see what you create – and what you learn!

2. Choose Your Word for the Year
Instead of writing a list of New Year’s resolutions – which can have the effect of leaving you feeling an utter failure when they don’t work out after two weeks – listen quietly for your word for the year. This is a word that will guide you through the months ahead, giving you a nudge when you need it most, bringing you back to your deeper path.

When I first chose my word for the year, I was certain it was going to be COURAGE – I needed to be brave, empowered and filled with decisive actions to reach my goals. This was my head speaking. Instead, my word turned out to be ABUNDANCE. And during that year, I understood the treasures of friendships, variety, time for reflection, new experiences – it wasn’t about winning the lottery or attracting a six-figure salary online. I learnt so much more.

I like to focus on this activity twice a year. I’ve found that after six months, my guide has often served me well and I’m ready for another word to add to the personal clarity and power of the first.

To find out more about the process and results, read my blog here.

3. Choose values and purpose
When our highest values are clear, strong and acted upon, fulfillment follows. Harness this knowledge to a deeper sense of personal purpose, and career choices become crystal clear.

These are the twin pillars of my career-change coaching programme. My clients identify their values and purpose, then combine them with an appreciation of their strengths and the kind of work they love doing. This is a deep exploration, offering both space and structure to let loose imagination, manage inner critics, and build a practical plan to consciously create a more fulfilling working life.

If you’d like to know more about my Quickstep Career Change Group Programme, you can find the details here.


Becky Kilsby
Career Change Coach
Freestyle Careers