The big question


When was the last time you thought this?

I can tell you when I did…today!

I’ve been building up to launching a new Internal Communications channel for one of the clients I work for.

Today was the big day.

I had designed the channel, promoted it, summarised the content, created the presentation, sense checked the content with people, booked the room, ordered the plasma, bought the glue dots, printed all the documents I needed and briefed the speakers.

I was ready.

Yet alone in the room that I was setting up, I started to think:

  • What if no one turns up?
  • What if too many people turn up?
  • What if I’ve got it all wrong?
  • What if it’s boring?
  • What if the technology doesn’t work?

And then, the people started to arrive, their chatter began to fill the room and in that moment I knew it was going to be ok.

And it was.

I tell you this story because I have been a professional communicator for a long time and even after doing more of these type of events than I can count, I still get pre launch nerves.

Is the underlying question to pre launch nerves ‘am I good enough?’ I think it maybe.

So, next time you hear yourself reel off a list of ‘what if…’ questions in your head ask yourself what is your big question.

I’m guessing it will either be ‘am I good enough?’ or ‘who do I think I am?’


Coach, Communicator & Collaborator