Simplicity – it’s bandied around as a concept for minimalism, feng shui, lists, decor and much more.

What’s the essence of simplicity in our day to day?

I have on occasion stripped back to what I thought was a simple set up. Fewer appointments, shorter deadlines, missed events, decluttered with every house move I’ve had (four in four years), donated items that I had kept ‘just in case’. Yet life still feels chaotic, too fast and like I am always running to catch up.

It’s the nature of the society we live in, the ‘norm’ if you will.

I have for the past three years or so been practising mindfulness and this led me to Holographic Kinetics and that process led me to an answer.

Simplicity is letting go of all the things I’ve tightly held on to. From relationships to ideas. It’s literally observing my breath long enough that my mind chatter stops.

Once my mind chatter stops all the things I thought were complicating my life are just things.

As humans it seems many of us find letting go the biggest challenge.

I urge you to let go, breathe, still your mind and see how clear things become.

I would be interested to hear how you feel simplicity has or can enter your life.


Fiona Sarno
HK Practitioner & Creator for Change & Improvement