What if I’m just super productive?


For weeks, well actually months now I’ve been busy.

Busy being busy…my to-do’s rolling over from one day to the next, to the next, to the next and the anxiety rising inside me.

People waiting (very patiently) for time in my diary – work meetings, client meetings, meet ups for coffee, night outs for dinner, days out, phone calls and seeing friends I haven’t seen for a long time – you get the picture.

And pretty much everyday I’ve said or thought the words ‘I’m busy’ like it was a mantra my life depended on.

Then yesterday I woke up and the words ‘I’m busy’ weren’t on repeat, instead they’d been replaced with I get so much done or as a friend said to me last month “you’re so industrious”.

I don’t see myself as industrious, I see myself as constantly being behind, failing and letting people down.

What I realise now is that my friend gave me a gift, a way to look at my life differently – to focus on what I’m achieving.

I know this will take daily practice, so if you hear me say the words ‘I’m busy’ (I promise to try hard to catch myself) please flip it for me and tell me ‘what if you’re just super productive’.

I will get through my list and for those people who are waiting patiently, I will be in touch…soon.

I’m wondering what gifts your friends and family are giving you?

Really listen.

What do you hear?

And more importantly what will you do about it?


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