Chitter chatter, chitter chatter

When was the last time your brain was chitter chattering during the night?

Over the years I have noticed when my brain won’t stop talking to itself and this awareness has helped me to make some changes.

Here’s when my chitter chatter normally appears:
1. When I have to get up earlier than my normal waking up time
2. When I’m anxious about a deadline
3. When I’ve been out late and I’m over stimulated (from being around people)
5. When I’m feeling hurt

And here’s what I do to manage the chitter chatter when I can:
1. I make a point of going to bed earlier than normal (in the hope that I fall asleep earlier)
2. I do some work towards meeting the deadline (so that I feel like I’ve made some progress)
3. I plan to go out when I have the next day free (so that I don’t have to rush and can recover)
4. I let myself feel hurt – I always say better out than in when it comes to emotions

When does your chitter chatter appear?


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