Thought for today…


This week we are reminded that ‘worry is a misuse of your imagination’, in fact worrying about something in the future that may never happen, or what people think about us can occupy a lot of our time.

We have a deep love of quotes and sayings, especially those that make us think, laugh and inspire us to do and be better.

Here are eight ways that we use quotes with teams and for ourselves:

  1. As an icebreaker at team meetings to inspire, build the team and create empathy
  2. Pin them up around the workplace as visual reminders
  3. Phrase them as a question to elicit debate and answers
  4. Discuss what they mean to each person in a team and gain a new perspective
  5. Print them and use as a bookmark
  6. Stick them near a mirror or inside your wardrobe so they are seen everyday
  7. Send them to people who need them – just at the right time
  8. As artwork on our walls

Tell us, what’s your favourite quote or saying?

Neets, Carol & Neena
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