Dear Alcohol – a poem

Dear Alcohol…

You silently crept into my life when I was so young, using your seductive powers to lure my mum

Slowly but surely her time spent with you grew, till she’d not enough strength to say goodbye to you

You were stuck to her side like glue when I needed her most; I felt powerless … I just felt like a Ghost

As the years went by I struggled to see, how she would rather spend time with you than with me

You hurt her badly, she was under your spell, you had somehow bewitched her and, she couldn’t tell

Then one day I had a family of my own, it was then I decided to let you both go and disown

I said to my mum “its me or your friend” I can no longer stand by to see how this ends

During this time little did I know, your other friend was creeping into my life and secretly starting to show

He crept from the shadows so I couldn’t see; starting also to lure my dear husband from me

As the years rolled on the strain was immense, I felt so alone as I sat on the fence

I would watch you play together, games that were cruel, having fun and laughter, I felt again such a fool

As your friendship with my husband then started to grow, I knew I was powerless to get you to go

When you were around my heart felt like a stone, till I could no longer cope and had to leave home

Now I look back over my life and see, just how much of my loved ones you’ve taken from me

I will never forget you now you’re both gone, but at last I feel free I now also move on, to a more joyous life where I know I will find, those that truly Love me, having left you behind.


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