Two things, two minutes – make your day!

For the longest time my first thought on waking would be one of the following:

  • I’m tired
  • I’m stressed
  • My back hurts
  • I’ve got to…
  • I need to…
  • I’ve got a manic day
  • I didn’t get enough sleep
  • I don’t want to get out of bed

And then I read somewhere that our thoughts become our reality – this stayed with me.

During one of my painful back episodes I decided that instead of constantly talking about it and living ‘in’ the pain, I would tell myself and anyone else that asked that ‘I am better than I was’. Everyday, for two months I did this – it became my personal mantra – it got me off the floor, it got me standing, walking and finally sitting again.

When you physically have to stop because of illness, you have a lot of time to think amongst the pain and discomfort. Here are two things that made my day, got me back to being me and I still use:

  1. On waking – I tell myself ‘today will be a good day’
  2. Before bed – I tell myself one thing I am grateful for that happened that day

It’s simple, effective and takes less than two minutes – give it a go and notice what begins to happen to you, your body, your life and your relationships.

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