Mental ill-health in the workplace – an increasing reality

I recently watched this insightful workplace perspective from CNN on mental ill-health and wanted to share. The perspective is sadly an increasing reality.

Why bother investing 25 minutes of your valuable time?

Well, 1 in 4 of us will be affected by mental ill-health; that’s 25 out of 100 of your employees, 100 out of 400 of your customers whatever your metric, it’s in your landscape.  It is a wide-ranging spectrum, indiscriminate and has a legacy of negativity and ‘burden’. As agents of social change, we all have a responsibility to destigmatise mental ill-health and create environments where mental well-being can thrive.

Creating a culture that engages in the dialogue and shares experiences is a step in the right direction; mindfulness, meditation and detaching from digital distractions are all gaining traction across organisations.

We encourage and empower you to be that agent of social change and mobilise that culture of mental well-being.

Neena Speding Chartered MCIPD, BSc (Hons) HRM, PGCE
Thought leader – emotional intelligence, eight circles

At eight circles we offer narrative and neuroscience workshops to help develop key strategies across your organisation for your people.