Nudges in our emotional intelligence

I’m sharing from what was an informative, reflective and invaluable day at the  EQ Summit in London.

Some of the ‘very best in the business’ were there, an inspiring and diverse line up of passionate advocates who value and impact the areas of emotional intelligence, mindfulness and creativity, across business, education and life.

For me the nudges from the day included;

Dr. Martyn Newman – kicking off the day with a reflection that the most valuable workers in this moment in history are relationship workers. Who could disagree? Relationship skills across the organisation, with all stakeholders and ultimately customers, will be a key competence that needs to be harnessed and honed.

Jeremy Darroch, CEO, Sky – shared amongst other insights “the singular move to empathy has been significant in our business”. A concerted and continuing application of emotional intelligence across all aspects of his business is a success story worthy of sharing and celebrating.

James Arnold –  shared a case study of Investec’s ‘refreshingly human’ emotional intelligence programme validating the need to be creative, take risks and be intuitive. He presented a bold, honest and ‘refreshing’ narrative. Not bad for a banker!

Sir Ken Robinson – on ‘talent’ and how ‘life is not linear’ took the quote of the day for me with;

“Do you find it intoxicating when you go into the gym or do you need to be intoxicated to go into the gym?”

He was intoxicating, he also shared an inspirational and uplifting video: Landfill Harmonica  which re-enforces the need to reframe discussions and challenge our thoughts and systems to seek greater things.

Daniel Goleman –  “if you don’t tune into yourself you won’t tune into others”. An eloquent reinforcement that the concept of emotional intelligence is grounded in self-awareness.

Baroness Susan Greenfield – working Neuroscientist extraordinaire – her energy and passion is second to none. Her revelation that “brain cells grow branches when stimulated, increasing their surface area and leading to more connections” meaning your neural pathways can be altered at any age.

Ruby Wax  – was articulate and animated as ever as she shared her neuroscience, stress and life dialogue. She was being Ruby!

Anyway, a good day for me and a call to action in a number of areas, not least doing my first tweets!!

So what I’m curious about is what are you doing about your emotional intelligence journey?

Neena Speding Chartered MCIPD, BSc (Hons) HRM, PGCE
Thought leader – emotional intelligence, eight circles