What happens when I unpack things!

fullsizerender-2Today I had a realisation and here’s how it came about.

At midday my new bathroom cabinet arrived yay – it’s exactly what I wanted!

Over the years I’ve noticed that I’m a visual person and if I have things stored away I can easily forget that they are there – out of sight out of mind! This led me to the decision to buy this specific glass cabinet, as I wanted to see all the stuff I had – stay with me my point is coming soon.

So, I got the duster and polish and began cleaning the new cabinet before I stocked it full of my beauty and skincare products (yes I know, I do love products – SpaceNK and Boots are both my friends lol). I gathered my three boxes of products and emptied some drawers and put it all on the floor.

Next, I spent an hour unpacking and oohing and ahhing over the products I hadn’t seen for a while. I arranged them in order of product type – yes I am the arranging geek – everything has to be just so otherwise it messes with my chi!

Pleased with the results I then went off to do some work for a few hours and every time I saw the cabinet sitting proud fully stocked I felt a huge sense of relief that I could see everything.

And then ping, my realisation – I really can’t see things if they are packed away in boxes and what if I’ve packed away the stuff in my mind too – all those things I’ve done, achieved, learnt and know. What if I’ve boxed them away as I’ve moved on to the next thing.

It sparked a thought…

What if I unpacked all the things in my mind, the things I’m capable of and laid them out on shelves in a glass cabinet? (so to speak)

What would be possible? would I see the resources I have? do I have too much of one thing and not enough of the other? if something were missing could I go out, get it and stock up?


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