Celebrate the small stuff…


Today I was driving through the torrential rain on the motorway. Hardly able to see where I was going, I clutched the steering wheel as the spray from the lorries and large vehicles drown my little car. I finally came off at the junction nearest me where I breathed a very large sigh of relief and loosened my grip on the steering wheel a little.

From there I have a short 15 minute journey home through the countryside and here’s what I realised…we always celebrate the big stuff but what about the small stuff? Are we so busy focusing on the big things that the everyday things just pass us by?

Here’s the small stuff I decided to celebrate today:

  • That I woke up…
  • I could hear the rain falling on the roof of my home
  • I had hot water and heating
  • My postman is friendly and delivered my 2017 diary cover
  • I could walk to my car
  • I got tickets to the next Star Wars movie
  • I spoke to two friends
  • The autumn leaves were falling from the trees
  • I made it home through all the rain!

What small stuff did you celebrate today?