Decisions, decisions, decisions…

StuffSo, for the past six months I’ve been living with my very kind friends The Conway’s, whilst I look for my next home.

For those of you that know me – you know that I’m normally very decisive, and for some reason finding my next home has been filled with indecision, rigid thinking and yo-yoing.

Six months ago I was sure I wanted a house, an old 2 bedroom Victorian or Edwardian house with a bathroom upstairs, off road parking and a small garden within my budget. Now you’d think that a 1 hour travel radius from Windsor would offer up some possibilities…errr no!

Then four months ago I broadened my thinking and dabbled with the idea that I could live in a new house, so off I went looking at new houses – I did find some I liked, in fact they are easier to find than old houses. I was lured in by the newness, all shiny, bright and ready to move into – something wasn’t quite right though – I just wasn’t feeling that love it or hate it feeling within the first 30 seconds of stepping inside that Phil & Kirstie from location, location, location talk about.

Two months ago – Some days I was looking for a house and other days I was looking for a flat, some days I wanted a garden and other days I couldn’t imagine having to maintain a garden and deal with the visiting cats! Some days I wanted enough space to accommodate everyone and everything, other days I wanted a really small simple place.

Today my checklist has changed – here’s where I’m at. What’s even more important than my new home itself is how I feel, that:

  • I still have freedom and choice to do the things I want
  • I’m close to my friends & family
  • I can walk to either a High Street or town
  • I feel safe and secure
  • There are people around – I’m all about staying connected
  • I love where I live

My search continues – I know this means I may need to let go of some of my stuff and prized possessions e.g. my shoe collection and you know what I’m ok with that!

In reality I’ve lived with very little for the past six months, so how much do I really need? How much do any of us really need?

I read something today that resonated with me.

“Clutter is no more than postponed decisions”

Time and space has given me a chance to see what really matters to me…thank you to The Conway’s!

Decision made!