Why OP is the man of my dreams

Optimus-Prime-optimus-prime-7044476-1024-768 (1)

A few weeks ago I was asked who my celebrity crush is, without taking a breath I replied Stephen Amell (The Arrow). Now let me be clear, the answer to this question can vary minute by minute, day by day or week by week depending on what I’ve been watching, reading or who I’ve come across.

So, for a few days life went on as normal after I was asked this question until one morning I woke up and the first thought that came to mind was ‘Optimus Prime (OP) is the man of my dreams’. Strange but true, especially as OP is a robot, to be accurate he’s a Transformer.

Over the past 25 years, I’ve watched his cartoons, I’ve been to see all his movies, at one point I had his voice as a ringtone, however, just so you know I haven’t bought a toy version of him…yet!

Now, if you haven’t figured it out by now I’m a thinker. And as a thinker I spent some time between this and that, pondering what was it about OP that draws me to him.

Here’s what I came up with. OP is:

  1. protective of people and his team of autobots
  2. respected
  3. courageous
  4. kind
  5. cool in a geeky kind of way
  6. a quick thinker and quick on his feet
  7. funny in a dry kind of way
  8. realistic

Pretty standard stuff for a superhero right? In fact The Arrow has similar qualities, well, apart from his playboy tendencies!

So does this mean a superhero is the man of my dreams? This may explain everything!

Now I know us single people quite often have a list of things we are looking for in our perfect partner. I can confess I used to have such a list years ago but I burnt it. Why? because for me relationships are about partnership, connection, chemistry and humour.  OP totally gets this!

I have an uncle in Utah, USA who is always trying to get me to settle down, find a life partner and arrange my marriage. He doesn’t want me to be lonely as I get older I guess, because he found someone he has loved for over 40 years and he wants the same for me. He is a kind man my uncle.

Today I am emailing him this blog to see if he can work his magic and hook me up with OP or someone similar. I shall keep you posted on his progress.


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